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Hype Cycle for CRM Sales 2014: Social for Sales
In the near term, sales organizations, particularly those with B2B sales models, should ... deploy social for sales to provide networking for team selling and peers, and for assistance in handling specific scenarios in sales cycles (for example, objections, key sales messages and sales tactics). Sample Vendors include BranchIt.

What You Need to Know About Social Media for Sales
Up to 2011, the majority of social prospecting was done by individual salespeople interacting in social media networks without the use of specialized applications and tools to save time. In 2012 and even more so in 2013, we have seen an explosion of awareness of the potential for using social prospecting applications by sales to find leads and gain customers. "Who knows who" vendors analyze email connections to identify who in the company knows the customer or client. They are, at heart, social connection analysis vendors, and include BranchIt.

Jerry Maguire Didn't Sell Smart
By mining employee business communications and tapping into corporate email, calendaring, social networks, phone systems and collaboration systems, BranchIt serves as a corporate social search engine.

Big Data Takes the Guesswork out of Managing Sales
"Traditional CRM systems are of little help in executing better on pipelines,” shared Burleigh. “Social technologies can give Sales richer information and better access to enterprise buyers.” Social maps, like , enable sales to leverage referral selling and identify more touch points in prospect accounts. Captures B2B CRM Market: Evolution From Sales Force Automation to Social Enterprise Makes Platform the Market Leader
The top three sources of CRM data are email servers, phone logs and billing systems... They can show you where you have strong prospect and customer relationships and where relationships need to be strengthened.

BranchIt for Chatter: Relationships More Important than Social Media
Why focus on people you don’t know? Why not focus on who you should know. The old cliché “it’s who you know” still holds true today... If you already use Chatter, then BranchIt for Chatter makes it even more “social” by bridging the gap between corporate email and CRM.

BranchIt For Chatter Tries To Bridge The Gap Between Email And CRM
Salesforce originally launched Chatter as a way to add a social layer on top of its CRM, Service Cloud and other offerings. BranchIt for Chatter makes even more social by bridging the gap between corporate email and CRM.

Salesforce Chatter – 5 Great Concepts, One Missing Link
Everyone is talking Social Media and Social CRM (SCRM) but we’re missing the bigger point of “social”. It’s not about pushing feeds or data. It’s who you know. Or who you didn’t know who knows who... BranchIT has those capabilities, both as a standalone product as well as an add-on for Chatter.

AppExchange App of the Week: BranchIt for Chatter
Looking for a warm intro to a lead? This week’s app, BranchIt for Chatter , can help you do just that. BranchIt, the winner of our 2010 AppQuest competition, allows you to easily leverage your co-workers’ relationships with prospects, customers and partners.

Salesforce AppQuest $100,000 Prize Winner is BranchIt
In the lead up to Dreamforce, Salesforce ran a competition with a $100,000 prize for the best new application developed for the platform. The five finalists were introduced at Dreamforce and the winner was BranchIt, a startup that built an application that adds what it calls a LinkedIn effect to Salesforce’s Chatter...According to CEO, Josh Yuster, BranchIt for Chatter will be made available as a free application on the AppExchange from The offer is valid for unlimited users across any enterprise provided the transaction is complete by Valentine’s Day 2011. Selects BranchIt for Chatter as Winner of AppQuest CompetitionSM
Ground-Breaking Corporate Social Networking Company Wins Best New Application Built on Enterprise Cloud Computing Platform

Comment on BranchIt for ChatterSM video on YouTube
I’ve used the BranchIt product and it’s ridiculous how quickly you get insight into how many relationships people in your business have you don’t even know about.

Forrester Research tweets about BranchIt
BranchIt for Chatter intro at Dreamforce in December. Interesting tool to map hidden B2B relationships between company and customer. #SCRM

BranchIt is highlighted in the Wall Street Journal
Using BranchIt, Mr. Gregson found the client's regional communication directors, as well as a list of his own colleagues who had exchanged email with the directors.
"We have won business because
of the information we have been
able to find in BranchIt"
Monica Jalil
Director of Marketing at Ross Dixon & Bell